Heroes Buried at the Monument

The first important ceremony that took place at the memorial after its unveiling was the state funeral of Pres. Steyn, who had suddenly passed away on 28 November 1916. He was buried at the foot of the memorial on 3 December 1916. Gen. C.R. de Wet passed away on 3 February 1922. In the presence of thousands of his former comrades-in-arms and admirers he was laid to rest on 8 February 1922 next to Pres. Steyn. A moving request from Mrs. Steyn that the ashes of Emily Hobhouse, who had died in England in July 1926, be placed in a niche at the base of the obelisk was granted with complete unanimity by the Women's Memorial Commission. This was done on 27 October during a memorable and moving ceremony. On 9 February 1941 the Rev. J.D. Kestell passed away. As had been the case with Pres. Steyn and Gen. De Wet, the Rev. Kestell's funeral service was held in the "Tweetoringkerk" and he was buried at the foot of the monument. In 1955 Mrs R I Steyn was laid to rest in the same grave as her husband